Brand Curry being the follower of an off beaten path, has an incogitable team of right brained MBA's and left brained creative people convened to coin out of the box marketing strategies, ensuring higher returns to Brands.

In today's world where consumer is spoilt for choices, at Brand Curry, an unusual mix of experienced matures jostle the work space with the indomitable energy of the youth; and every time they do so they come out with unique solutions that deliver results.

For us, creative is a state of mind and not a department. We, the Brand Curry Chefs, believe that ideas are created by teams, not individuals, people not departments. Creativity can happen to anybody as it's the way you think, look at and understand things. Even with 120 years of cumulative industry experience spanning across diverse range of brands, Indian, Global and Global Indian, we are our biggest critic and this attitude, we believe helps us continue to cook solutions for clients.

With perfect ingredients in the pot, Brand Curry continues cooking ideas that suit perfectly to the clients' taste palate.

Rahul Mathur