Daawat Basmati Rice - Bharti Campaign


Gujarat has the highest consumption of basmati rice in the country and unlike rest of the country, consumers buy entire year's requirement in one month. This period is called "bharti" (stocking).
All marketers therefore pitch very high during this period as 90% of their sales target is realised in this month. The communication environment is very cluttered and noisy as all marketers are at their
shouting best.

Client Brief

A campaign that helps liquidate the target stock earmarked for Bharti.

Agency Recommendation

An advertising campaign has chance if only we can outshout competition. Budget does not permit that.

Target Audience

College pass outs. Average students with above average aspirations.

Basmati rice - Consumer Context basis Research Input

Consumers here yearn for authentic basmati crop. However, belief is that best of the crops is exported out to the land of white people. Any international basmati brand is presumably superior to Indian brands.


Campaign Idea

An event-- Basmati Baba, promoted through radio and road shows.

Basmati Baba - An Out of the Box Idea

A character Basmati Baba was created. His credential : Comes from foothills of Himalayas. So he has the knowledge of authentic high quality Basmati rice produced in the foothills of Himalayas. He will come to your house and if he finds Daawat basmati stocked at your home, he will give you prize & blessings.

Baba has International following.


Order--- Teaser radio  /road show pix/ radio unveil / Baba pix/radio fllw up/ baba pix,/ crowd shots/video 



Month's stock exhausted in 10 days. Stones were pelted because baba didn't go to all houses. Huge crowd turnout got local police worried. We stopped the activity on 12th day as sales target was achieved by then.