Shiromani Akali Dal - Election Campaign


Since 1944, no political party has ruled Punjab continuously for two terms. Every 5 years electorate has given mandate to alternative parties.


A campaign that must alter history. Persuade electorate to vote for ruling Shiromani Akali Dal and bring them back in power.

State Voting Pattern

Historically strong and almost equal brand equity enjoyed by two main political paties viz. Indian National Congress (INS) and Shiromani Akali Dal BJP (SAD-BJP). Its the 2-3% swing vote that makes or breaks the fortune of a party. Every 5 years this floating vote goes to alternative parties almost by habit. Further a typical Punjabi mindset works very strong here. Unlike most of the states, an average  Punjabi is emotionally very comfortable with change. At times "Change" is  inspirational even if there is no apparent discomfort with status quo. This cultural context made the  job more difficult  for the client.


Affect a change in habit voting behaviour. Dilute the "change" obsession.

Client Brief

Showcase  development work. Give performance Statistics



Emotions work  in Punjab. Statistics does not

Campaign Strategy

Make statistics exciting and appealing to senses.  

Execution Strategy

Synergise paid communication (advertising) with non-paid (editorial) environment. Visual innovation which saw advertisement flowing into editorial.



Our client created history in Punjab by winning 2012 election with a margin of 20 seats and absolute majority. Opposition party leader Captain Amrinder Singh, while answering media did mention of  advertising campaign ("Akali campaign was aggressive" ) as one of the reasons for win. Advertising didn't look like one and therefore looked extremely credible. So much so that election commission issued notice to client mistaking the ads as paid news. We addressed the issue by putting declaration on each advertisement.