TDI is a North India based real estate company, with experience and expertise of building residential and commercial establishments for over 25 years. The company was slated to launch a premium offering on the outskirts of Delhi in a place called Kundli which is perceived as non-premium . Given the depressed real estate environment, the location of the property and the overall clutter and noise in the sector, the challenge was immense.

Client Brief

Command premium during launch in a non-premium location

Target Audience

Residents of North and West Delhi, primarily, who aspire for a better quality of living close to Delhi. Although Kundli has a location advantage it does not feature in the consideration set of the audience. In fact Kundli scores negative on "aspiration" parameter .

Agency Recommendation

Establish premium imagery through sensorial cues of Project USP.

Make the location incidental.


Campaign Idea

Leverage an intrinsic feature of the property that not only showcases its appeal, but is a beacon for the kind of lifestyle that the target audience aspires for


Hoardings, Print, Digital, Real Estate road show



Overwhelming response, such that the original media plan for the campaign had to be cut short since not only was the property oversubscribed to at a premium, the company had to advance the launch of a second phase to handle the demand