Around 2006, BPO industry was facing a problem in recruitment & talent market. Demand for quality people far outstripped supply of people. All BPO companies (except few corporate names like Amex, GE etc.) suffered the onslaught of market commoditisation as there were more employers with jobs and lesser number of candidates interested and available. This situation eventually created a related problem of employee retention. People started switching jobs on petty issues (as petty as bad lunch) as there was always another company next door ready to offer thousand bucks extra. Category advertising looked the same across companies. All ads  talked the same language --glamour and lifestyle. Aiding the commoditisation process.

Client Brief

Create a pull for Vertex. May be create a Brand.



Budget available only for recruitment advertising.

Target Audience

College pass outs. Average students with above average aspirations.

Research Input

BPO jobs were seen as stop gap arrangement before getting into real career. Social stigma against BPO jobs worked against self-esteem at a personal level. No pride of profession and hence a sense of frustration around job.



Candidates were serious about career but no BPO was perceived to offer that.

Positioning Strategy

Victors for life- At vertex you learn what they don't teach at Harvard business School- --- Soft skills that makes a leader and a manager


a) Teaser   b) Launch Ad


Quality Walk-ins. Reduction of recruitment cost.
Pre-campaign  statistics --  2-3% conversion from walk-ins.
Post Campaign statistics--- 20-25% conversion from walk-ins.
Employee retention rate-- Higher than industry average.