World Trade Park


Our Client wanted to launch a commercial property in Jaipur when real estate was going through a stagnation in market. A number of residential & commercial projects were launched in the city and the response was far below threshold expectation.


A launch campaign to generate enquiry and sale

Category Communication Code & Challenge

All real estate advertising tries to showcase exciting elevations and product features. Further, commercial property almost always use investment hook to do the job. In a dull market, replete with failure stories , we had to look for a new context in real estate which is differentiated yet a driver of action

Target Audience

Local businessmen and professionals. Gems & jewellery exporters, handicraft manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers etc.


Client Brief

Great investment and with great return potential


Breakthrough Research & Insight

Qualitative research basis projective techniques threw up an interesting insight. Ability to exploit a return out of a investment is part of "Marwari" identity and self esteem. Marketing communication with an intent to preach this ability will tantamount to an insult on community pride and therefore will be an outright rejection.
The community however yearned for prestige and pride. Making Money is hygiene and not an inspiration. Pride and prestige however are instant connect.

Campaign Strategy

 World Trade Park-- A symbol of Rajasthan's business acumen.


a) Teaser  

b) Launch Ad



 55% of stock sold within two days. Client managed to get premium on base rate second week onwards