Looking Beyond the Horizon

Master Chefs

Dhirendra Agrawal – Creative Head
Engineering to Architecture to Psychology to Philosophy to Literature…and finally, Advertising. Phew! Quite a list! But this is how the extraordinary journey of Dhiru aka Dhirendra Agrawal began.

It all started with the simple notion of storytelling, and is still fuelling Dhirendra’s ambition for love of advertising more than ever. Like the ever-optimist sea traveller Christopher Columbus, Dhirendra too, revels in discovering new horizons each and every day.

Creativity comes naturally to this once-upon-a-time bike enthusiast, now a family man. And today, a young thinker with rich experience of over 14 years, Dhirendra makes for a very focused and responsible creative professional.

His creativity pinch paved way for many a laurels and recognition, time and again. Whether it was launching ‘Dockers’ in India, making ‘Kwality Walls’ profitable for HLL’s portfolio or helping Rediffusion win ‘Agency of the Year 2007’, he’s been there and done it all. With Dhirendra, no great things are created in a jiffy. That’s why, having worked for many a top creative agency in the country like McCann Erickson, Rediffusion YR, Contract et al, he finally came into his own when he joined Brand Curry as the Head Chef (read: Creative Head) in 2012. He’s telling stories again and clients are listening to it with more vigour and energy than before.

Subrato Chakraborty - Managing Director
Gone are the days of that unspoilt creativity one used to unleash when one were a child. That reminds us how quickly childhood gives way to adulthood and its worldly worries. However, Subrato Chakraborty, Managing Director, Brand Curry is in a different league altogether. He not only embraces the idea of being a child again, but also preserves its sanctity by discovering the joy of creation repeatedly.

There is no denying the fact that there is an immeasurable happiness that comes from creating something. That’s exactly been Subrato’s sentiments from the very beginning of his career, and who revels in joy of creation such that even time expands for him.

An ardent proponent of ‘creative marketing of brands’, Subrato lent his creative faculties in the launch of LG GSM mobile Phones, Tang (A Krafts Food Brand) and Asahi Glass in India. Extremely satisfied with his roller coaster ride in top advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Trikaya Grey, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy & Mather, he finally saw the bigger picture (read: idea of setting Brand Curry) and completely fell in love with it.

Being one of the Co-founders of Brand Curry, Subrato ensures what we’re after is not the creative end result but the creative process. He possesses a flair for dishing out marketing strategy and satiating that perfect appetite of the client’s brands.

Ratno Rudra - Director
Your aspirations are your possibilities. And who understands it better than Ratno Rudra, a veteran of more than 25 years in advertising and still going strong! An exceptional eye for originality, he dared to delve deep into his aspirations and came out with creating something new, everytime. And of course, the aura of glamour, style and recognition added extra drive to his originality.

Like a free-flowing river, Ratno Rudra’s creative vision cannot be contained. The steady transformation from being an illustrator to a visualiser, and now, Director, Brand Curry is a smart testimony of this.

Ratno Rudra has been involved in some of the most memorable advertising campaigns over the past 20 years. For instance, who could beat the Fido Dido character of 7UP, or who could have come with a more appropriate nickname for Rahul Dravid other than ‘The Wall’! Needless to say, this advertising wizard has his magical shows performed in topmost creative agencies by the name of JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett and Rediffusion-Y & R.

For Ratno Rudra, the constant ‘itch’ of creation led to the setting up of Brand Curry advertising agency. An idea he nursed all these 25 years and finally saw it blooming when he assembled some of the finest Chefs (read: creative professionals) in his stride. As one of the Co-founders of this creative agency, he successfully embarked upon creating a brand of advertising for oneself, and in the process, created one indeed.