Must Exist for the Brands

As a start-up in 2004, the world view of Brand Curry promoters, Subrata Chakraborty and Ratno Rudra was simple: the Indian entrepreneur is not looking at a creative supplier. Moreover, the new age Indian advertiser understands the value of brand creation, and has a uniquely Indian way of evaluating advertising and communication.

The journey that began with this simple understanding has ensured that unlike many advertising start-ups, the agency doesn’t lose its way. Today, it’s a stable company with rising turnover, several success stories, and has gone beyond merely providing creative services. With full-fledged media operations, a new digital venture, and partners in the areas of PR, Event Management and Exhibitions, Brand Curry has developed the capability to offer a full range of services to Brands that seek more than a creative supplier.

Brands are the Stars

Brands are the stars of the present age, and even the Stars of today are brands, at the end of the day. They are not only at the core of our being; they are the be all and end all of us. And we believe that if we make stars out of our brands, we might also get our two seconds in the sun.

That’s what we try and do at Brand Curry.

A Simple Principle

We are guided by a simple principle: Creative for marketing results.
We strive to create work that’s effective for the brands, so that they become well known.

More Effective than Known

As for us, we are happy if we are more effective than known.